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Training Kids in Today's World

We are working our way through devising Alice In Wonderland with our Performance Ensemble at TDC Stl. Weekly, I am utalizing Barbara Dilley's Red Square Technique as a foundation to define the playing space. Today, we created the falling through the hole in the garden to wonderland moment via a small dance and sound scores.

Our day always begins with the same improv game called the present game. Turning our brains on slowly with a game that is now, at this point, routine to the ensemble. Next, we moved into a more phyiscal game, that is also routine for us called, "Yes Let's..." Finally, we morfed "Yes, Let's..." into a game about the characters we are creating inside of the world of Alice & Wonderland.

Our first task in today's moment is to devise, a fancy word for composing, a sound score introducing the characters of wonderland to Alice and the audience.

Once composed we added an arm dance with leg sways and dips. Alice is slowing spirinaling down to the floor and everyone else is holding space and air for her fall as the sound score plays out.

Once, the text is complete the ensemble all collapse to the floor with a building sonic boom sound completeing the score followed by clapping the floor with their hands.

The Tea Mouse pops up to standing in character followed by Alice popping up from the floor out of sorts and wobbly to begin the next scene.

We then ran the whole moment until it was solid in the ensemembles brains.

Lastly, we ran the piece added to the prologue previously blocked.

We finished our day with our ending applause ritual and set goals for the following week.

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